3 Bugs -Alembic, Sequencer, and UE4 camera

  • Hi. I'm currently on .45 Beta Build 231. I have an alembic (abc) file roughly 3 gigs. I'm able to import to maya and apply UE4 materials no problem, but when I render with Mirror, UE4 crashes after 40-50 frames. This also happens if I import the abc directly into UE4. My only workaround is doing a playblast out of Maya.
    Also, if UE4's sequencer has any animation, Mirror renders crash.
    Third, if UE4 has a camera in the scene, motion blur gets really extreme and blurry. Simply deleting the camera in UE4 fixes this problem. Thanks for any fixes.

  • oops. I meant alembic crashes happen after 40-50 frames. Thanks, -Colin

  • @colin-brady We are not quite sure how these bugs are triggered. Please send us the project data if possible.
    email: mirror@virtueal.cn
    Thanks for your feedback.